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City of Independence
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Independence, KY 41051
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Zero Knock List

Residents of Independence can participate in the Zero Knock by adding your address below. Once you are in the list, solicitors will be required to consult the list and skip your address if it is listed.

Solicitors - Information contained in the data base established for the purpose of administering a zero knock list shall be used only for the purpose of implementing the zero knock program.  The zero knock list shall be available at no cost to any person, firm, corporation or other entity that is required to consult the list.  The person, firm, corporation or other entity requesting the list shall maintain the confidentiality of the information on the list and is only for the purpose of preventing home solicitation sales to persons whole residential address appears on the list.

Authorized solicitiors:  Vivint Smart Home is authorized to solicit in the city from 7/25 - 10/25/2023.

* Non-profit organizations and political candidates are exempt from any license requirements and are never considered interant merchants, peddlers, or solicitors.

If you have signed up for the Zero Knock list, you can print off the No Soliciting Notice to post at your door.


Note that when entering in your address you will be required to enter the number, street and city separately.
For example if your address is

123 Main St. Suite A Independence KY 41051

you would put

123 in the Street Number input,
Main St. in the Street Name input, and
Ste. A in the Suite, Floor, or Apt. Number input.

Inputs that begin with † are required

Note that after you submit this form you will receive an email with a link to confirm that you want your address listed. If you do not follow through with the confirmation your address will not be listed