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Document Type
Accessory Structures-Signs/Fences/Sheds/Patios/Retaining walls etc...  
Additions to One and Two Family Dwellings  
Affidavit of Assurances  
Affidavit of Exemption from Kentucky Workers Comp-Corporation  
Affidavit of Exemption from Kentucky Workers Comp-Individual  
Alcohol Beverage Control Permit  
Arts Unkorked - April 2019  
Audit FY18  
Ball Field Request  
Basement Handout  
Building Inspection Schedule  
Citizen Police Academy Application  
Civilian Collision Report  
Claim Release  
Commercial Fee Schedule  
COMMERCIAL Joint Application for Zoning/Building permit  
Commercial Projects  
Commercial Projects-Specialized Systems  
Council Packet 3-4-19  
Demographics and Census Data for the City of Independence KY  
Employment Application  
Encroachment Application  
Fire Suppression System Design Requirements  
Fireworks Sale Ordinance  
Garages/Porches/Pole Barn Supporting Information  
Harbor Fowl Application  
Home Occupation Application  
Homeowners Electric Affidavit  
Hot Tubs/Retaining Walls/Signs/PODS  
How To File A Criminal Complaint  
HVAC 1-2 Family  
HVAC Commercial  
HVAC Multi-Family  
HVAC Requirements  
Independence Census Info  
Inspection Policies and Regulations  
One and Two Family Dwellings  
Partial Permits  
Pole Barns  
Residential Fee Schedule  
RESIDENTIAL Joint Application for Zoning/Building permit  
Residential Pools  
Senior Center Brochure  
Senior Center Rental Agreement  
Shell Permits  
Shelter Reservation Form  
Site Plan Example  
Solicitation License Application  
Special Event Application  
Winter Fitness 3  
Zoning Fee Schedule  


Animal/Pet Complaint
Ball Field Permit
Business Emergency Contact
Independence Volunteer Corps
Public Record Request
Report a Crime Tip
Report a Nuisance
Report a Road Problem
Request a S.M.A.R.T. Radar Trailer
Satisfaction Survey
Senior Center Rental Survey
Shelter Rental Request
Vacation Check
Zero Knock List

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