b"BUSINESS SPOTLIGHTResponsible Recycling IT Businessequipmentforrepurposing.Franxmansaidmanytimes Expands in Independence people dont realize the value in what they have.ITSupplySolutionscelebratedveyearsinbusinessITSupplySolutionsrecentlyteamedupwithGoodwill inMayandnowtheIndependence-basedcompanyisIndustries to get rid of a plethora of equipment. Franxman expanding, planning to double their current space to 15,000said they assessed the equipment and ended up cutting squarefeet. TheywillrelocatetheirBurlingtonfacilitytoGoodwillacheckfor$2,000allforstufftheywere housealloperationsattheirIndependencelocationbypotentially going to throw away. JanuaryandwillhireadozennewemployeesfortheirPeople think this is too good to be true. Its really not, booming business thanks to tax incentives from the City ofFranxmansaid,notingtheygave$8,000tooneschool Independence. system in New Orleans for their equipment. Were in it to Theirspecialtyisrefurbishingcomputerequipment,make money. That equipment is worth something. Well just and reselling it locally, nationally and overseasall frombe fair.Independence, Kentucky. The COVID-19 crisis has reallyFranxmansaidtheirretailsideofoperationscanbe ramped up the need for working remotely, so the expansionextremely benecial for organizations who dont have a large is necessary to keep up with demand. budget to purchase new equipment. One client, St. Pius X What we do is bring old equipmentcomputer equipmentCatholic School in Edgewood, spent roughly $10,000 on allfrom Fortune 500s, schools, hospitals, whatever it may be,new computers. Franxman said, had they bought that new, bring it in-house, refurb it, process it and send it back out,it would have cost between $60,000 and $70,000. They also said Director of Purchasing/Sales Mike Franxman. partnered with some Boone County schools to offer devices as low as $125, which would have cost ve times that new.Oftentimes, companies will charge to remove equipmentFranxman said they've gotten some recognition for the from those businesses. IT Supply Solutions does it for free.work they do, including being honored as a top ve nalist Theyfullydismantleallnetworkinggear,auditit,make(out of 332 entries) for the Northern Kentucky Chamber repairs if necessary, destroy all data on the devices, andofCommercesBusinessImpactAwardsinthestartup resell the equipment at a much lower cost. Because they arecategory, and they just want to get the word out about the an R2 certied recycler, nothing goes to the landll. Theirservice their company provides.goal is to repurpose, not scrap, and IT Supply Solutions has downstream partners to handle any material they cannotWere trying to get even more connected in the community use.and let people know were back here, Franxman said.Most of these places dont have a good outlet to get ridPhotoCourtesy of Mike Franxmanof their stuff, said Sales/Purchasing Executive Brian Stiens. They use disposable companies who will charge them to come pick up their stuff. We do the exact opposite. We put cash in their hand. Its like an additional revenue stream for them. Stiens said they take equipment in any condition, taking the guesswork out of things for the customer. IT Supply Solutions hopes to be able to refurbish the equipment and resell it, but they assume all the risk. Franxmansaid,asaNorthernKentuckyChamberof Commercemember,ITSupplySolutionshopestoform apartnershipwiththeChambertooffercommunity cleanup days in the near future. While its not the bulk ofIT Supply Solutions Ofce Manager Chelsi Knapp and Owner Rich Dunaway with their business, individuals may also bring in old computerthe company's Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Business Impact Award.DECLARATIONS of Independence,November 2020- March 20219TIONS of Independence,November 2020- March 2021"