b"PARKS AND RECREATION EVENTSEnjoying the Great Outdoors at Fox RunTheresa225-acreimperative to construct a strong planning base for oasisinIndependencethe future of the park as Kenton County is condent thats home to some ofthis property will have a far-reaching impact on the theareasbesthiking,quality of life for our residents and regional visitors.shing,biking,wildlifeIts too early to say what the nal product will be, observation, and walking paths. The area known asbut Ritzi said they want public opinion on what the Fox Run Park, formerly an 18-hole golf course, is partpark should ultimately look like. of the Kenton County Parks and Recreation system,We will have an opportunity for citizens to have butislocatedat604IndependenceStationRd.input on the master plan and give us some ideas right here in our city! The park became a dedicatedofwhattheneedsareforthecommunity,Ritzi passive recreation area that opened to the public insaid, noting updates will be posted on the Kenton July after national experts recommended the golfCounty Parks Facebook page, as well as at www.coursecloseduetoinsustainability. Theadditionkentoncounty.org.ofFoxRunParknearlydoubledtheamountof designated park lands maintained by the county. Ritzi said a lot of people have been using the park Currently, the county is reaching out to local rmsand many events have been held there, including to develop a comprehensive park master plan foryogaclasses,crosscountryevents,andevena the area to expand the recreational opportunitiesdisc golf tournament.forarearesidents.AccordingtoRhondaRitzi,We're very excited about the prospect of what recreationprogramscoordinator,thecountyisthe master plan is going to give us and what's going looking to develop the property as a dedicated parktocomeoutofthecomprehensivemasterplan, to maximize its benet and long-term need to theRitzi said. We encourage people to keep coming community. out and using it in passive recreational ways.It's very much a good thing for the Independence community,aswellasthewholecounty,RitziPhotoCourtesy of Rhonda Ritzisaid. Geographicallywhatwerehoping,andwe are planning, is for it to connect. Lincoln Ridge is adjacent to Fox Run and so we envision connectivity betweenthetwoparksandthesurrounding neighborhoods.Lincoln Ridge Park is a county-owned park with amenities consisting of walking trails, a discgolf course, soccer elds, a baseball eld, playgrounds, andshelterhouses.Astatementreleasedby Kenton County Parks and Recreation noted, It is DECLARATIONS of Independence,November 2020- March 20215TIONS of Independence,November 2020- March 2021"