b"BUSINESS SPOTLIGHTBiggby Coffee Coming to IndependenceAtrst,theendeavorwas Life-Changing Lattes on the MenugoingtobeCarriesthing,but when COVID-19 began to affect For Carrie Williams it all began when she needed a freshCaseysjob,hedecidedto start.Theelementaryschoolteacherwaslookingforajoinherindivingrightinasa new adventure when a chance encounter developed into abusiness owner. So, the couple, friendship, and led to a major career change. wholivejustamileoutsideof Carrie had been looking for a change for a little while,Independence, decided to open said Casey Williams, Carries husband. Her dad passedBiggby Coffee on the west side away last spring and he really encouraged her to make sureof town at 3950 Turkeyfoot Rd. in you're doing what makes you happy and that kind of is whatthe Remke Plaza.made her want to jump in. We just felt like this part of Independence really needed CaseywaspartoftheLeadershipNorthernKentuckysomething like this, Casey said. Weve just always wanted Class of 2019 with Shanna Novosel, local Biggby Coffeeto do something that helps improve the area where we live representative. Casey and Carrie started visiting Novoselsourselves and this seems like a good opportunity.Biggby Coffee location to support her business. The stand-alone building will offer a drive-thru and walk-I said, Oh my wife says your lattes are life-changing, andup window, but no inside seating. The full Biggby menu will she said, Open a store. It could be, so that's kind of what ledbe available. They hope to open in December and will be us down that path, Casey recalled. hiring upwards of 20 employees.Biggby is the kind of company that really kind of ts with who we are as a family, Casey explained. They say their mission is, We exist to love people. That's pretty basic and Photos Courtesy of Casey Williamsit's just a good way to do that.Check Biggby Coffee Independence on Instagram and Facebook to follow their progress and get information on hiring and opening dates.Casey and Carrie Williams will open a Biggby Coffee in Independence by year's end. They hope to open another location in Independence shortly thereafter.Senior Living at Courtyard CrossingConstruction on The Residences at Courtyard Crossing on McCullum Road is underway.The 47-unit development is designed for residents ages 55 and older. The facility by Spire Development, Inc. is a single, three-story, elevator-serviced building. One- and two-bedroom units will be available for lease. Amenities will include a community room with kitchenette, lounge, businesscenter,laundryfacility,gazebo,andon-sitemanagementand maintenance. The estimated completion date is October of 2021. A model unit should be available in August or September of 2021.According to Scott Harrold of Spire Development, Independence is the perfect location for Courtyard Crossing. He noted comparable properties in the market are 100 percent occupied, evidencing a critical need for senior rental housing.10"