City Council


City Council Meeting Calendar

The Independence City Council meets at 7:00pm the first Monday of the month every month. If the first Monday is a holiday the meeting will occur the following Monday. 

City Council Meetings are for legislative business of the city and are open to the public.  Citizens are welcome to address council during meetings (for up to 3 minutes) if the topic is on the agenda and they have signed in to speak.  Topics that are not on the agenda may still be addressed during council meetings if submitted and agreed upon by the Mayor prior to the meeting.  In most cases however, most issues can be resolved more effectively by city staff, rather than by City Council, and citizens are encouraged to take this route initially. 

Note that the minutes will be made available on American Legal soon after they are approved.


Council Meeting Schedule for 2024

Meeting Title Meeting Date View minutes
Regular Meeting 1/8/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 2/5/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 3/4/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 4/1/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 5/6/2024   n/a
Special Meeting 6/3/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 7/1/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 8/5/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 9/9/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 10/7/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 11/11/2024   n/a
Regular Meeting 12/2/2024   n/a

View an archive of the minutes from past years on American Legal.

Televised Council Meetings: The City of Independence City Council Meetings are televised by the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky (TBNK). For residents that do not have the TBNK cable channel you may watch the meetings LIVE on the TBNK website (Archives of past meetings are also available).