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Tax information for Independence Residents

The City of independence Tax Bills are on a Fiscal Year of July 1 - June 30th.  Tax bills are mailed out on October 1st and are due by December 31st. 

There is a 2% discount if paid before November 1st.  Penalty and interest will be assessed if not paid by January 1st.

Taxes Tax Rates Payable Online
Personal Property Tax 0.534/$100 of assessed value View Taxes
Real Estate Tax 0.22/$100 of assessed value View Taxes
Occupational Tax on Gross Receipts 0.075% of Gross Earnings Not Available
Payroll Tax 1.25% of Gross Earnings Not Available

Last Updated: 09-16-2022

HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION: For more information and/or to apply for the exemption, please visit:   

Occupational Tax on Gross Receipts

The Kenton County Fiscal Court is the collecting and licensing agent for occupational license fees, business license renewal, and payroll taxes for the City of Independence. The  Occupational License Fee for the City of Independence is 0.075% of Gross Earnings.  The City’s annual business license fee is $50.   If you are doing business in the City of Independence you must also obtain a license for Kenton County, and also pay an occupational license fee to the county.   

Payroll Tax - rate is 1.25% of Gross Pay for employees that work in the City of Independence.  Payroll that is subject to payroll tax for the City of Independence is also subject to payroll tax for Kenton County.

For more information, to get forms or register your business, use the  following link:

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