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City of Independence
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Independence, KY 41051
(859) 356-5302

Codes and Ordinances

Codes and Ordinances for the City of Independence are all hosted on a third party website American Legal Publishing Corporation. Please use the "View Codes" button on this website to access all the Codes and Ordinances for the City of Independence


Passed Ordinances since July 1, 2018

Ordinance No. Ordinance Title Date Passed
2018-O-08 Ordinance No. 2018-O-08 A.O. Smith Occupational License (.pdf) 7/11/2018
2018-O-09 Ordinance No. 2018-O-09 Shelter Reservation Fees (.pdf) 7/11/2018
2018-O-10 Ordinance No. 2018-O-10 - Harris Pike Name Clarification (.pdf) 9/10/2018
2018-O-11 Ordinance No. 2018-O-11 - Adopting 2018 Tax Rates (.pdf) 9/10/2018
2018-O-12 Ordinance No. 2018-O-12 - Cluster Mailboxes (.pdf) 9/10/2018
2018-O-13 Ordinance No. 2018-O-13 - Amending Pay Plan (.pdf) 9/10/2018
2018-O-14 Ordinance No. 2018-O-14 - DID NOT PASS (.pdf) 10/1/2018
2018-O-15 Ordinance No. 2018-O-15 - Noise Ordinance (.pdf) 11/12/2018
2018-O-16 Ordinance No. 2018-O-16 - Text Amendment-add churches to NSC Zone (.pdf) 12/3/2018
2019-O-01 Ordinance No. 2019-O-01 LSI Occupational Credit (.pdf) 6/17/2019
2019-O-02 Ordinance No. 2019-O-02 Amended Budget for 2018-2019 (.pdf) 6/17/2019
2019-O-03 Ordinance No. 2019-O-03 Adopt 2019-2020 Budget (.pdf) 6/17/2019
2019-O-04 Ordinance No. 2019-O-04 Employee Pay and Classification Plan (.pdf) 6/17/2019
2019-O-05 Ordinance No. 2019-O-05 Adopting 2019 Tax Rates (.pdf) 9/16/2019
2019-O-06 Ordinance No. 2019-O-06 MCI Wireless Franchise Agreement (.pdf) 11/4/2019
2019-O-07 Ordinance No. 2019-O-07 - Annexation of Madison Pike and Patriot Way (.pdf) 12/2/2019
2019-O-08 Ordinance No. 2019-O-08 - Map Amendment-Turkeyfoot/Independence Station (.pdf) 12/16/2019
2020-O-01 Ordinance No. 2020-O-01 - Text Amend to NSC Zone (.pdf) 4/6/2020
2020-O-02 Ordinance No. 2020-O-02 - Skipped (.pdf) 5/4/2020
2020-O-03 Ordinance No. 2020-O-03 - Amended 19-20 Budget (.pdf) 6/22/2020
2020-O-04 Ordinance No. 2020-O-04 - Adopting 20-21 Budget (.pdf) 6/22/2020
2020-O-05 Ordinance No. 2020-O-05 - Employee Pay Classification for 20-21 (.pdf) 6/22/2020
2020-O-06 Ordinance No. 2020-O-06 - Updated Animal Control Ordinance (.pdf) 6/22/2020
2020-O-07 Ordinance No. 2020-O-07 - Adopting 2020 Tax Rates (.pdf) 10/5/2020
2020-O-08 Ordinance No. 2020-O-08 - Tax Credit for IT Supply Solutions (.pdf) 10/5/2020
2020-O-09 Ordinance No. 2020-O-09 - Webster Rd Improvements (.pdf) 11/9/2020
2020-O-10 Ordinance No. 2020-O-10 - Glenhurst Annexation (.pdf) 11/9/2020
2021-O-01 Ordinance No. 2021-O-01 - Updated Parking Regulations (.pdf) 1/4/2021
2021-O-02 Ordinance No. 2021-O-02 - Glenhurst Map Amendment (.pdf) 2/1/2021
2021-O-03 Ordinance No. 2021-O-03 - Text Amendment for Alternative Surfacing (.pdf) 3/1/2021
2021-O-04 Ordinance No. 2021-O-04 - Text Amendment for IP Zone (.pdf) 3/15/2021
2021-O-05 Ordinance No. 2021-O-05 - Amended Budget 2020-2021 (.pdf) 4/5/2021
2021-O-06 Ordinance No. 2021-O-06 - Map Amendment for Spegal Farm (.pdf) 4/5/2021
2021-O-07 Ordinance No. 2021-O-07 - Annexation of Spegal Farm (.pdf) 4/5/2021
2021-O-08 Ordinance No. 2021-O-08 - Holland Text Amendment (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-09 Ordinance No. 2021-O-09 - Holland Map Amendment (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-10 Ordinance No. 2021-O-10 - Holland Annexation - 1 acre (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-11 Ordinance No. 2021-O-11 - Adopting 2021-2022 Budget (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-12 Ordinance No. 2021-O-12 - Employee Pay Classification 2021-2022 (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-13 Ordinance No. 2021-O-13 - Interlocal Agreement for One Stop Shop (.pdf) 6/14/2021
2021-O-14 Ordinance No. 2021-O-14 - Council Meetings on holidays (.pdf) 8/2/2021
2021-O-15 Ordinance No. 2021-O-15 - Adopt Supplements to Code of Ordinances (.pdf) 9/13/2021
2021-O-16 Ordinance No. 2021-O-16 - Annexation for VanTrust Development (.pdf) 9/13/2021
2021-O-17 Ordinance No. 2021-O-17 - Adopting 2021-2022 Tax Rates (.pdf) 9/13/2021
2021-O-18 Ordinance No. 2021-O-18 - Adopting 10% Tax Rebate (.pdf) 9/13/2021
2021-O-19 Ordinance No. 2021-O-19 - Z21 Update (.pdf) 10/4/2021
2021-O-20 Ordinance No. 2021-O-20 - Bicycles on Sidewalk Update (.pdf) 10/4/2021

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