Independence Zoning/Building Permits

If it's time for those inside projects such as finished basements or major remodeling; don’t forget to stop in for your permit.  "I DON'T NEED A PERMIT" many will say “PERMITS ARE  JUST MORE MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET." Well let me try to convince you...

Building code requirements are changing all of the time, do you or your contractor know...

  • The proper insulation levels for various parts of your house; improper installation can lead to mold growth

  • The TRUE concept of firestopping; this can help prevent the spread of fire

  • The proper volume of return air your room needs so your furnace can perform efficiently

  • The proper ventilation of gas appliances, which, if not done properly, can lead to carbon monoxide build-up; causing possible ignition by an electrical spark or even carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Upon selling your house, many lending agencies will ask for copies of any permits for projects done at your home.  It's a lot easier to get a permit upfront rather than tearing out drywall to prove you've done your project properly.

The small cost of a permit can equate to lots of energy savings, not to mention that you can be assured your project is done properly and safe.