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Independence Police Department

Prevention: Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhoods throughout the city are committed to taking a stand against crime. Residents have joined forces with the Independence Police Department to deter criminals from making their mark. Officers meet with local residents to discuss their concerns and any problems they are experiencing in an attempt to help find a solution. The Police Department will sponsor a crime watch and help educate residents in how to identify and report suspicious activity.

Residents meet on a monthly basis to discuss local issues and to learn from guest speakers on specific topics that they had expressed a desire to hear about and discuss. Representatives from the Cabinet for Families and Children, Kenton County Game Warden, Women's Crisis Center and Independence Police Department have been guest speakers. Topics such as safety, violence in the workplace, gun safety for children and parents, home security surveys and personal protection tips are discussed.

The Police Department is a member of the Northern Kentucky Crime Prevention Coalition, which supplies teaching aids, free information, videos and seminars. Meetings are held on a monthly basis with other law enforcemtn officials to discuss current issues along with possible solutions that are known to be effective. Free brochures are passed out along with upcoming meetings and seminars that are available. Teaching kits are available on loan accompanied by a video and/or overhead literature to aid in presenting different topics.