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Independence Police Department

Citizens Police Academy

Seeking to extend and improve it's community policing philosophy and practices, the Independence Police Department launched it's first Citizen's Police Acadmey in September 2000. A series of eight 2-hour session introduced selected civilian participants to the broad spectrum of police services and programs. Offering them the opportunity to meet with local law enforcement officials to discuss public safety and criminal justice issues and to learn first-hand about the techniques and tools.

Participation in the academy is limited to 20-25 participants per session. The Academy is open to all Independence residents or anyone who owns a business in Independence and is at least 18 years of age. Candidates for each session are drawn from the community's diversity: from businesses, home and public agencies.

Session topics include patrol procedures, gangs, crisis intervention, crime scene analysis, narcotics and emergency response units. Classroom discussion is combined with fieldwork to provide a thorough experience. A primary goal of the academy is to foster a strong bond between the Police Department and community.