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Chaplain Program Commander: Lieutenant Scott Paul

Today’s law enforcement officers are confronted with situations that demoralize and create emotional, mental and spiritual burdens.  These burdens also affect the officer’s family and other members of the department.  Law enforcement agencies need the specialized guidance, counseling and assistance from a Police Chaplain.  Their efforts assist officers, families and the community.  A law enforcement chaplain is a member of the clergy who has been trained to provide pastoral care to those involved in the dangerous world of law enforcement. 

The Independence Police Department has 4 active Chaplains who are contacted in trying times to assist with serious traffic accidents, family crisis', death investigations and notifications throughout the community. The Chaplains are also available to offer counseling and support to all members of the department.

The Independence Police Chaplains receive training through the Department of Criminal     Justice Training.  The Chaplains gain knowledge on ’Officer Survival’ which helps a chaplain be able to aid an officer suffering stress, difficulties,  etc.   

The officers are encouraged to take advantage of the Chaplains enthusiasm to help.  It is reassuring to know that in times of need, we can call upon a police chaplain to respond to the scene to aid and comfort family members while at the same time the officers can focus on their immediate responsibilities.