DECLARATIONS of Independence, Fall/Winter 2017 10 THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF PERMITS When DO I need a BUILDING PERMIT? When a building or structure is: When DON’T I need a BUILDING PERMIT? Constructed For sheds under 200 sq. ft. (Zoning Permit still required) Enlarged For fences under 7 ft. tall (Zoning Permit still required) Altered For retaining walls under 4 ft. tall (Zoning Permit still required) Repaired When wallpapering, painting, tiling, or carpeting Moved For cabinets or countertops Demolished For swing sets or playground equipment OR if any electric, gas, mechanical or plumbing system is installed/changed For decks under 200 sq. ft., 30 inches or less above grade, unattached to a dwelling, and if they do not serve the required exit door (Zoning Permit still required) OR if occupancy type changes For cosmetic changes (Zoning Permit still required) Submit required documentation (application, fee, site/building plans) to the City Building to obtain a Zoning/Building permit. Visit for forms, requirements and fee schedule. CONTRACTORS ONLY must provide an affidavit of assurances, proof of Kentucky workers’ compensation, proof of liability insurance, and an occupational license for the City of Independence. Occupational License Office – (859) 392-1440. Questions? Contact Building Inspector Mike Carpenter at (859) 363-2947. If you’re packing up your camper, trailer, boat or other recreation vehicle for the season, please keep the following storage information in mind: • For outside storage, any of the above-mentioned vehicles must be owned by the occupier of the residence in question; however, no one may live in the vehicle. • A paved surface is required beneath the entire length of the vehicle. • No more than one such vehicle may be permitted outside of an enclosed garage on any parcel of land. • Any such vehicle cannot be stored longer than 72 hours on the premises, unless in the rear yard on a paved surface. • Side yard storage of such vehicles is subject to approval by the board of adjustments. • Trucks with a gross weight more than 18,000 pounds or recreational vehicles in excess of 39 feet in length must be stored in an enclosed garage on property within a residential district zone. • Semi-tractor trailers, regardless of length, may not be stored on a property within a residential district zone. • No vehicle that is abandoned, non-functional, in a state of disrepair or lacking a valid license may be stored longer than 72 hours in a residential zone unless completely enclosed in a building. WINTER STORAGE FORYOUR RECREATION VEHICLE ZONING INFORMATION FOR RESIDENTS BUILDING & ZONING A Zoning Permit is required when building a new structure or enlarging an existing structure. All PATIOS, DRIVEWAYS, FENCES, SHEDS, RETAINING WALLS, ADDITIONS, GARAGES, SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLINGS, and SOME SIGNAGE need a Zoning Permit. Remodeling the basement? Installing new kitchen cabinets? The most common question for the building inspector is: Do I need a permit for that? A building permit isn’t just another expense – it safeguards your family, ensures everything meets code, gets you a better product and could save you money in the long run.